Fuerzas Armadas de Senegal

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Fuerzas Armadas de Senegal

Mensaje por nick7777 el Mar Sep 06, 2016 6:23 pm


Senegal unveiled its new NORINCO WMA301 Assaulter armoured fire-support vehicles during the military parade celebrating the independence day held in Dakar on 4 April.

The WMA301 105mm Assaulter armoured fire-support is based on the WMZ551 6x6 wheeled chassis with high mobility, reliability, cost-effectiveness and maintainability. It is fitted with a low-recoil 105mm tank gun, capable of firing various 105mm tank ammunitions. It is also capable of firing 105mm fun-launched laser-beam riding missile, thus extends its engagement range to 5km against main battle tanks. The WMA301 105mm 6x6 wheeled tank destroyer vehicle features versatile combat functions, high mobility and advanced comprehensive capabilities.

The WMA301 105mm is already in use in other African countries : Djibouti, Chad and Cameroon.


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